Oversized Sweaters

Ever since I was a kid I have been impatient, about pretty much everything  (although  it’s not always bad I suppose, it  has helped me sometimes too). As I grew up, this didn’t leave me. I still get impatient about a lot of things, getting a project done in time, even when I am cooking and it takes time even at the gym, if someone comes and interrupts me during my workout, I get snappy. That is how I am. Although I have tried controlling it and am quite successful. But what I really couldn’t wait for is getting into these over-sized sweaters. I love the feel of winters and oversized sweaters  and long socks. I am sharing two looks with you that I created. More will come soon, don’t be Impatient 😛 . So here are the looks.




Almost Forever

My room is usually a big mess and it’s safe to say that I Like It That Way. Because that way I know exactly where everything is lying around, or almost everything. so today, some ‘relatives’ had to come over to visit us and like all mothers everywhere, my mum to ordered/shouted on me for at least 6 to 8 times to get me clean my room. While cleaning kit up within an describes call on my face something suddenly caught my attention . It was an old picture while I was in school. The girl beside me and I were laughing gleefully. She was one of the best friends that I had in school, and as it goes I started.

Reminiscing the old old times, times we spent together and how she always had my back. I picked up my phone instantly, searched her number and called her up. It was a mild but pleasant surprise for her. We talked for a while and then hung up the phone. But what I felt was that she wasn’t as excited as I were, but it took me some time to realise that maybe if I hadn’t found the pic I wouldn’t be excited either. It did not mean that she didn’t consider my friendship important enough, or that our friendship wasn’t real enough. Maybe it’s just a part of growing up, maybe we all move ahead in life leaving the shores but keeping the memories.

Be sure to make all your memories worthwhile. Here are some pictures from my latest shoot – Stripes




Persuading yourself 

It’s almost laughable that we fear things so minuscule that one may
think that they doesn’t even exist? That’s because someone has
convinced you it is there, even when it’s not. We often get frightened
by the things we do not know, we do not see, but somehow are convinced
that they are true. It is true that others may influence you, but only
you can convince yourselves.

The trick is not to get too bothered or agitated by uncertain things.
Convince yourselves that you can, and then you will. The real power
exists in convincing.

Even in an interview, where you have to convince someone that you’re fit
for the role, but before that you have to convince that to yourselves.
Try convincing yourself and see the change.

I convinced myself that I look good in this outfit, what do you think?

Love Friendship and Everything in between

Love and Friendship is as complicated and as simple as you want it to be.
They are what make us, who we are, and what can change us if we want to. – Emily Giffin
Value them when you’ve them, not everyone has it the way they want to. It’s okay, if someone you feel something for doesn’t feel that way, you can’t make people love you. Friendship in itself is a great thing, not everyone has it too. Be content with what you get out of others. And keep loving ❤ for life is too short to get upset.
And my love for traditional is never ending..
A simple outfit can make you look gorgeous too. Check it out
Kurta- Fab India
Lehenga – W
Earings – Lajpat Nagar
Bangles- Lajpat Nagar

Diwali Ready

It’s festive season and there’s a lot going around us. Some of us are
busy thinking about getting all dolled up, while some are just sitting
in office, wishing for the long holidays to start super soon;
and eating all the chocolates; and obviously playing cards
(too bad if you don’t know how to 😛 ) .

We sure will light up our houses, decorating them with flowers, lights
and colors. In all this ruckus, it’ll be good to be be a ray of
sparkle that shines a little brighter. Be remembered this Diwali, do
something for someone and light up your lives. But, also dress up for
the same.

Go all out traditional, with those colorful suits and
elegant sarees. Personally, love Sarees and this one is pure
Kanjivaram, Check it out.


Make sure to accessorize it right. There are a lot of options out there, pick out the correct one for yourself and be sure to be comfortable 🙂





Familiar ?

Sometimes things are completely different from what you expect. You could be expecting a day full of relaxation and some me-time and that could be the day where you work the most- unexpectedly. It’s almost like opening a familiar room, thinking that this could be it- but, when you open it, all your thoughts change. So be ready for all that comes your way, I’m always ready with an outfit 💁🏻

All I Need

It’s there for me when I’m sad, it’s there for me when I want more. It helps me get through those sleepless nights and also through early mornings. It feels like, it’s a part of me now. It has helped me like a best friend, and has been there with me since childhood. It’s just about the right brew, an addiction. I’m talking about a cup of coffee, that helps me through monday blues and cheers me up when I’m down! A perfect blend is all I need. I love coffee, like I love the perfect dress.