Trek to Parashar Lake

You’re not in the mountains, the mountains are in you.
-John Muhr

It amuses me how a two day get-away trip to the mountains can change your perspective. I do love to travel and I went on quite a few trips this year but the recent one has been one of the best trips ever. I had always wanted to go on a trip with a group of people I haven’t met before, but I didn’t know it will be this fun (though, I was a bit worried at first). The serenity, the breathtaking beauty of the mountains gives you that feeling of ecstasy, and especially when you have worked for it (read: trekking)

This was the first time I went on a trekking trip and I wasn’t even sure if I could do it; but thanks to the amazing team of travel beings – who made it possible. It was a 5-hour long trek and I was tired as hell, but I couldn’t stop; with every step I felt the urge to take the next step with greater zeal. The view was astounding, and I have tried to capture some of it in pictures. In the morning I could actually hear the wind blowing, and it was like a un-heard, melodious tune. The camp site was even more stunning. Parashar Lake, is undoubtedly the most amazing (albeit the only) trek I took, and I would suggest you all to do it if you love trekking.

All in all, great experience. And special thanks to – Check out the amazing Pictures.




image1 (8)


And the perfect view of Parashar Lake


A touch of Simplicity

The way you talk, matters. Talking to someone with politeness doesn’t hurt, whether it’s your roommate your boss your driver your housekeeper. It never hurts to be polite and ask someone ‘how are you?’

I use cabs a lot, and i realised it this morning how you talk defines you. The man driving me to my destination just asked politely I hope you’re doing good, I felt good. This kept me wondering that it won’t harm to talk to anyone nicely. Of course don’t let anyone take advantage of you, but saying a polite hello and meaning it, won’t hurt. It may even help you stand out from the rest.

Think how many times can you make someone smile maybe for a minute, but it’s worth it. Basic courtesy matters just like basic clothes.

With good basics you will have endless options. Basics from any brand give you the liberty to style it your way. To make a difference you don’t need a thousand bucks, it can happen in less than 500 bucks. As I was wandering around H&M that made me think there are a million ways to dress up the simple V-neck top and make a style statement. I Iove basics and I love owning them. This week will all be about basic dressing.


Although they say nonchalantly to be effortless, do they mean the same? I don’t know. But make  your look, effortless.

Top and jeans – H&M
Accessories- Forever 21
Shoes- Zara
Shades- Zara

Time to Unpack

Another weekend awaits, I hope this time I get time to unpack. But, unpack what, just my luggage? I had been wondering what to write about in my next blog, but then weekend happened and I got away. Just as I was leaving the resort, it struck me that I’ll have to go ‘unpack’ my stuff as soon as I get home. As much as I love packing (I always pack more than needed, but happens with almost all the girls, I  guess) I hate the idea of unpacking. It’s​ just too much effort.  Mornings starting with coffees and ending with booze is all that happens every week. But did you unpack yourself? Your emotions?  Anything that’s been there for long. You best friend behaving weirdly or you not  liking something? We’ve probably forgotten that it’s okay to let it all out sometimes. We’re human, it’s okay to meltdown, to discuss or sometimes to just let go.
It’s okay to unpack yourself, every once a while. It might stop your Monday blues or make them a little better at-least.

This week has been all about accessorising. Every piece of jewel that a woman wears carries a different story. What story does your accessory say? I love it when just a dark studded denim jacket or the glittery high shiny pair of heels gives the whole look a new dimension.  T-shirt dresses are so in this summers, we can find them almost everywhere. Why just wear them with sneakers, when we can pair it up with scarfs and heels. Here’s the look that I love for T-shirt dresses. Hope you’ll like it. Keep unpacking 😀


We all love weekends, maybe because we unpack ourselves.

Comfortable Clothes, not Zones

Sometimes we do feel a little jealous about our peers when they get through in a better college or do the job that you think you could have done better but damn, they got it. No, not because they were born under a lucky star but because they were better prepared; because they could step out of their comfort zones. Don’t find out the bad in them; instead step out of your zones.
Talking about Delhi’s temperature, it’s pretty high, Right? Did you step out without your sunglasses on or even thought of walking for two 
minutes without cribbing about how hot is it? Darling, cribbing every night about how lousy situation you are in, by sitting on your cosy couch won’t help until you do something about it.
It is indeed true that in the end we regret, not taking the road less travelled, going with the easy solutions, the relationships we were afraid to have : Because we were afraid to run the extra mile.

But there’s one thing you can always be comfortable in – Clothes. Always wear what you’re comfy in. With the sun boiling outside and the sweating jeans, how can we be comfortable? It’s time to get the cool trendy Pjs on (yes, Pyjamas). This summer grab your funky, striped pyjamas and pair them up with accessories. Switch on to a new look,
everyday. I got mine from Sarojini Nagar and the outfit costed me around 280 rs. Including the accessories.  Here are a few shots on my take on the Coolest Pjs.
Pyjama_7Pyjama_3.1Pyjama_2Pyjama_4Pyjama_5Pyjama_6image1 (7)

Street Food with Elegance

Having succulent, luscious, mouth watering meal paired with elegant, dignified decor available at pocket friendly prices is all we want at the end of month whether we live off the pocket money or salary from our first jobs. Food is something that shall never be compromised, right? Being born and bought up in Delhi I have developed endless love for  eating golgappa’s , bhelpuri, kachori , momos, everything that is chatpata.

A new restaurant – IMLY opened up in one horizon center, Gurgaon (Gururgram). It offers different street foods from Punjabi Kulche to Bombay Snacks- all under one roof. It has a lavish décor with outdoor seating as well. All golgappa’s fan, this is perfect for you. Here are a few picks I have from the restaurant.

Dahi golgappa chaat from delhi chaat menu – round, hollow puri crisp fried filled with sweet curd with pomegranate, spicy green and sour imly chutney. Either this or Golgappa’s – the imly way.

Pav Bhaji – the traditional street food that is a saviour when you are hungry, made with all purpose flour slightly crisped with soft mushy spicy mixture of tomatoes and potatoes served with onions and lemon (who eats pav bhaji without onions? )

Sevpuri- the most loved street food from Bombay. Made of puri loaded with diced tomatoes onions, tomatoes and different types of chutney’s essentially – tamarind, green chilli, garlic or raw mango garnished with Sev.

Jalebi and Rabri- both loved separately and together even more. The sweetness of jalebi is perfectly balanced by Rabri.

Kulfi-Paan Kulfi My favourite kulfi of all time, rich in pan flavour. And if you love jamun, they have jamun kulfi for you.

It’s just been a week it opened up and you already have waiting there. So what are you waiting for? Worth a try.

Khyen Chyen

Kashmir – a land of heaven and kashmiri cuisine – is food paradise. Kashmiri cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines rich in flavours with high use of hot spices fennel, cinnamon, saffron, cloves. A lot of restaurants do serve kashmiri cuisine these days, but it’s not easy to find the authentic Kashmiri food with perfect blend of spices.

I was out with a couple of friends, we didn’t intend to have dinner. But we stood outside this restaurant and the aroma of the food was enough to get us inside the restaurant. Located in Cross Point Mall, in between all the bakery, desserts and café is a small (just in size) restaurant – Khyen Chyen.

All the dishes come in three quantities – Only me, hungry me and very hungry. A must try is Buzith Kokur Tikka which are marinated and grilled chicken cubes. The chicken was cooked perfectly, a little crisp, dressed with cumin and garnished with coriander.

Marchwangan korma chicken – chicken cooked in fiery dried Kasmiri red chilli compote flavoured with cumin and tamarind . A real treat it is!

My favourite was the chicken biryani. I still get cravings for it the moment I think about it. The staple diet of every Kashmiri is rice; the most preferred being the dense, slightly sticky grained Kashmir variety. And the Chicken Biryani was just exquisite – Layers of rice and chicken slow cooked with a mix of spices and herbs.

This is a must try out place, always busy. You may have to wait to get seated. Also, they have a menu which is prepared on pre-order which you must try. Totally loved the placed. Try it out and tell and what you had. And wait for more places to come.

Denim Paradise

The beauty of denim is its versatility – you  can feel sexy and comfortable.

We don’t realize the significance of denims because we wear it everyday, just like people around us. We see, meet them everyday so we don’t realize how significant each one is; or what part do they play. You won’t know how that pair of denims helped you to get ready for the college in time just like you didn’t recognize how people around you have been benevolent to you.

Have you ever wondered what kind of denim are you wearing to the party or college or for movies? Is it colored denim, bubble-gum denim, crushed denim, vintage denim or reverse denim.! Don’t worry, if you’ll know everything you won’t need me. So, it’s okay if you don’t know that yet.

Who cares if it’s Monday morning or Saturday noons- you can always wear denims.
Denims has always been an everyday symbol for style – Ritu Kumar. Whether it’s Emma Watson going for a brunch in low cut distressed pair of denims or Kendall Jenner wearing 90’s inspired line from Pascun, denims never fail to make them stand-out.

A short denim jacket or a denim overcoat, pick up anything to add up to your style quotient. Surely denims can be found in Malls. But, did you know there’s a denim paradise in SN Market? Which has got the perfect(Change) dress/jackets/dungarees, just everything.




These are a few shots I took for you. This shop is a must try if you love denims which I am pretty sure you do. It’s located in the lane behind Stellatoes.

TIP : Make sure you buy the right size.

I got a Dungaree for my little sister and asked her to pose for me. I paired it up with a simple black crop top and sneakers. Check out the look. Hope you will like it.